Showcase 2005
Flash: An Evening of Very Short Plays

Featuring the Students of the 2004-2005 Ensemble Training Program:
Cesar de Carvalho Andres de Oliviera Senka Grbovic Daniels Virginie Duponchel
Maxx Maulion Sascha Saballett Stacey Spalding Alma Valentin Doug Williford

Directed by Michael Gioia

Directing Assistant/House Manager ~ Marcio Conceicao
Properties & Music ~ Doug Williford

May 29-31, 2005
Sunday May 29 @ 7:30 PM & 9:30 PM
Monday May 30 @ 8:00 PM & 10:00 PM
Tuesday May 31 @ 8:00 PM

In The Laboratory Theatre  at The Acting School of South Florida

Thank you:
Miriam, Marcio, Doug
Manny, and the tenants of the Santa Maria, The Acting School Faculty & Students.



Returns  Written by Cesar de Carvalho
Returns            Returns            Returns
Cesar de Carvalho/Andres de Oliveira/Stacey Spalding/Alma Valentin

Waiting  Written by Doug Williford
Waiting            Waiting            Waiting
Senka Grbovic/Maxx Maulion

Big Girls Don't Cry  Written by Andres de Oliveira
Big Girls Don'T Cry            Big Girls Don'T Cry            Big Girls Don'T Cry
Sascha Saballett/Virginie Duponchel

Through The Rye  Written by Michael Gioia
Through The Rye            Through The Rye            Through The Rye
Doug Williford/Maxx Maulion

Tick Tock  Written by Virginie Duponchel
Tick Tock
Cesar de Carvalho

Psychic  Written by Virginie Duponchel
Psychic            Psychic            Psychic
Senka Grbovic/Stacey Spalding

Never  Written by Michael Gioia
Never            Never            Never
Doug Williford/Virginie Duponchel

King Of The Forest  Written by Doug Williford
King Of The Forest            King Of The Forest            King Of The Forest
Sascha Saballett/Andres de Oliveira/Senka Grbovic/Alma Valentin

Routine  Written by Cesar de Carvalho
Routine            Routine            Routine
Virginie Duponchel/Cesar de Carvalho

Perfect Flight  Written by Senka Grbovic
Perfect Flight            Perfect Flight            Perfect Flight
Doug Williford/Andres de Oliveira

Slipped Away  Written by Doug Williford
Slipped Away            Slipped Away            Slipped Away
Sascha Saballett/Senka Grbovic

Opposite Of Always  Written by Doug Williford
Opposite Of Always            Opposite Of Always            Opposite Of Always
Alma Valentin/Stacey Spalding

TBA  Written by Michael Gioia
TBA            TBA            TBA
Maxx Maulion/Andres de Oliveira/Doug Williford

Flash Closing
Flash Closing
The Company


Flash Company

All plays produced with the permission of the authors.
2005 All rights reserved.


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