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Livingrooms 1999
an evening of short plays

Featuring the 1999 Graduating  Class of

The Conservatory Training Program


Presented at The Vinnette Carroll Repertory Theatre

March 22, 1999


Directed by Marc Durso

Lighting by Ginny Adams


Barton G. ~ Executive Producer

Robert Alpert ~ Producer



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Photography by Stephen Anthony


The Role Of Della
by John Wooten

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Carol Antoine and Cookie Colletti

Lynnette Has Beautiful Skin
by Jane Anderson

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Donald Odenkirk, Amanda-Jean Clemens and Pedro de Cárdenas

by Jose Rivera

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George Crolius and Robert Alpert

Dos Corazones
by Richard Hellesen

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Kumie Shirasaki and Chantal Mariani

by Elliot Hayes

Poison 1.jpg (115607 bytes)    Poison 2.jpg (91247 bytes)    Poison 3.jpg (109806 bytes)
Dan Barr and Sandra Ives

Anything For You
by Cathy Celesia

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Leisha Dillard and Deborah Whitebrook

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