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This Is Where We Came In ~ by Alan Ayckbourn
   by Alan Ayckbourn


Opens April 4 - 12, 2003
Friday April 4 & Saturday April 5 at 7 pm
Friday April 11 at 7 pm & Saturday April 12 at 3 pm & 7 pm
in The Blue Box at Hollywood Playhouse
2640 Washington Street

Co-Directed by  Kim St. Leon & Gillen Brey

The Story Tellers:
Uncle Erraticus Michael Burch
Uncle Oblivious John Mulcahy
Aunt Repetitus Carol Reinoso

The Players:
Fred Dylan Anthony
Albert Simba Kalorji
Jenkin Trey LaCombe
Amanda Calabria
Bethany Dionelly (Dee) Bernabel
Bethany Dana Mileguir
Talitha Stephanie Newman

The Techies:
Kirenia Martinez
Melissa Mateos


Produced with permission of Samuel French

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