Showcase 2004
Traces: An Evening of Short Plays and Monologues
Traces Company 2004

Directed by Michael Gioia

Featuring the 2004 Ensemble Graduates Of the Conservatory Training Program
Amélie Couture • Staci Katz • Wendolynn Mateo
JoAnn Tiberio • Mellicent Wauters*

and The Acting School Instructor
Lorena Diaz

June 10-12 & 14, 2004 • 8PM
In The Laboratory Theatre  at The Acting School of South Florida

Directing Assistant/Stage Manager ~ Lina Marquez
Assistant Stage Manager/Costume Coordinator ~ Jill Ernest
Properties & Music ~ Lorena Diaz

Thank you:
Deborah Jeffrey, Jill Ernest, John Ralph, Alchemy Theatre Company, Kim St. Leon, Manny, and the tenants of the Santa Maria, The Acting School Faculty & Students,
Paul Gioia, Jeannett Varela, Vaughn-Rian St. James, Danny Perez,
Marie Gioia, Lina & Lorena a 1000 times.

Sara - you and your family are in our thoughts. Thank you for your contribution to Traces.


The future always seems so far away, as the present at once becomes the past.
One moment after another, defines who we are.
We make plans, we take action.
We comfort, we turn away.
We blame,  we inspire.
We forgive, we hold grudges.
We run, we fight, we honor.
We laugh, we cry.
We make mistakes.
We triumph.
Life happens.
Each moment,  just a flash, leaving traces of who we were.

Scene 1: Heart To Heart     Written by Michael GioiaDarlene: Amélie CoutureMom: JoAnn Tiberio
Heart To Heart
Heart To HeartHeart To Heart

Scene 2: A Lesson In Being    Written by Wendolynn MateoMom: Wendolynn Mateo
Lesson In Being

Scene 3: It’s Not Just Kid’s Stuff    Written by Staci Katz & Wendolynn MateoJennifer: Mellicent Wauters*Lauren: Staci KatzPrincipal: JoAnn Tiberio
It's Not Just Kid's Stuff
It's Not Just Kid's StuffIt's Not Just Kid's Stuff

Scene 4: Dead Or Alive    Written by Michael GioiaVicki Jean: Lorena DiazCarleen: Amélie Couture
Dead Or AliveDead Or AliveDead Or Alive

Scene 5: Cousins    Written by Mellicent WautersFran: JoAnn TiberioElaine: Staci Katz

Scene 6: Flashlight    Written by Sara BrockmanMolly: Lorena DiazDee Dee: Wendolynn Mateo

Scene 7: For Your Love    Written by Amélie CoutureWoman Speaking: Mellicent Wauters*Woman Sleeping: Amélie Couture
For Your Love

Scene 8: Close Call    Written by Sara Brockman & Wendolynn MateoUp Stage: Staci KatzDown Stage: Wendolynn Mateo
Close Call

Scene 9: ER    Written by Sara BrockmanKristen: Mellicent Wauters*Lucy: JoAnn TiberioKate: Lorena Diaz

Scene 10: The Life and Times Of  Weezy and Sassy    Written by Wendolynn MateoCass: Wendolynn MateoJess: Amélie Couture
Weezy and SassyWeezy and SassyWeezy and Sassy

Scene 11: Come and Go Y2K4    Written by Samuel Beckett, adapted by Wendolynn Mateo • Ru: Staci KatzFlo: JoAnn TiberioVi: Mellicent Wauters*

Scene 12: Parting    Written by Wendolynn MateoCora: Lorena DiazYvette: Amélie Couture

Scene 13: I’ve Had It    Written by Staci KatzWoman: Staci Katz
I've Had It
I've Had It

Scene 14: Safe In Bed    Written by Staci KatzWoman: JoAnn Tiberio
Safe In Bed

Scene 15: Sail On    Written by Michael GioiaAnn: Mellicent Wauters*Cecilia: Wendolynn Mateo
Sail On
Sail OnSail OnSail On

Scene 16: Homage    Written by Michael GioiaThe Company


All plays produced with the permission of the authors.
© 2004 All rights reserved.

Traces Company

* Denotes a member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.
Mellicent Wauters is appearing in this student showcase in agreement with Actors Equity Association’s performance guidelines


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