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June 2000

I Won't Dance 1     Loud 1     Funeral Parlor 1     
Lovers and Other Strangers 1

Top (L to R): Jacqueline Laggy, Marcio Conceicao-I Won't Dance; Sandy Katz-Loud In My Head;
Charles McCarthy, Joann Scott-Funeral Parlor; Jason Thalas, Rachael Crockett-Lovers and Other Strangers;
Not Pictured: Jennie Klein-Sisters

March 2000

  House of Wonders 1       House of Wonders 2       Macbeth 1
  Getting Out        Getting Out
Richard III 1        Home Free 1        Home Free 2

Top (L to R): Kumie Shirasaki, Chantal Mariani-House of Wonders; Imelda Holmes, John Mulcahy-Macbeth;
Center (L to R): John Deutzman-Getting Out;
 Bottom (L to R):   Jacquline Laggy, Branko Markovic,-Richard III; Chelly Elkayam, Britt Purvis-Home Free 


February 2000

The Midnight Rodeo    The Midnight Rodeo    The Midnight Rodeo
The Odd Couple    The Odd Couple
Truth    Truth    Truth3.jpg (51747 bytes)

Top (L to R): Joe Kimble, Nikki Frihd-The Midnight Rodeo;
Center (L to R): Gustavo Walder, John Deutzman-The Odd Couple;
 Bottom (L to R):  Marcio Conceicao,Tinika Green, Ross Henderson, Leisha Dillard, Jacqueline Laggy-Truth


January 2000

The Children's Hour        The Children's Hour        The Children's Hour
The Therapist    The Therapist    Angels In America    Angels In America
The Rainmaker        The Rainmaker        The Rainmaker

Top (L to R): Leisha Dillard, Jacqueline Laggy-The Children's Hour;
Center (L to R): Cici Jerradi, Pia Pownall, Brendan Bossuyt-The Therapist;  Marcio Conceicao, Branko Markovic-Angels In America
Bottom (L to R):   Melanie Stallard, Andrew Abel-The Rainmaker



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