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August ~ December 1999

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November/December 1999
Due to the holidays, The November & December Performance Nights were combined.

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Top (L to R): Jacquline Laggy, Jim Gasser, Marcio Conceicao, Ross Henderson-My Left Foot;
Ray Crockett, Vanessa Simon -A Thousand Acres; Michael Shaw, Joann Scott-DMV Tyrant
Bottom (L to R):   Imelda Holmes-Faith Healer;  Leisha Dillard, Tinika Green, Jill Ernest-Women Of Manhattan


October 1999

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Top (L to R): Kumie Shirasaki, Dan Murphy-The Subject Was Roses; George Crolius-Middle Ages
Bottom (L to R):   Jennifer Safina, Tinika Green-In-between;  Marcio Conceicao, Tinika Green-Out The Window


September 1999
Performance Night was not held due to the threat of Hurricane Floyd.


August 1999

        Elena Maria Garcia and The Improv Ensemble            Kumie Shirasaki            Tinika Green        
Jim Gasser and Adrienne Marie    Adrienne Marie and Jim Gasser    Dan Murphy and Jo-Aynne von Born    Jo-Aynne von Born and Dan Murphy
Leisha Dillard         Luis Selgas         Marcio Conceicao

Top (L to R): Improv Ensemble;  Kumie Shirasaki-Tea; Tinika Green-The Most Massive Woman Wins
Middle (L to R)  Jim Gasser, Adrienne Marie-Thieves; Dan Murphy, Jo-Aynne von Born-Landscape of the Body
Bottom (L to R):   Leisha Dillard-Emily;  Luis Selgas-Vegetables;  Marcio Conceicao-Black Eagles


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