The Acting Studio Archive

an evening of short plays

featuring the Synthesis Group of The Conservatory Training Program

PhotoSynthesis 2000

April 9 & 10, 2000    7:30 pm

at the Ballroom at Temple Israel
137 N.E. 19th Street Miami

Portion of the proceeds benefiting

Directed by Michael Gioia

Lighting by Eric Fliss

Set Design by Barton G
as conceived by Gweneth L. West

Picture Archive
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Photography by Robert Alpert and Stephen Anthony

The Lady of Larkspur Lotion
Tennessee Williams
Lady of Larkspur LotionLady of Larkspur Lotion
John Mulcahy, Leisha Dillard & Jennifer Safina


Lynn Nottage

Gina Pasquarello & Tinika Green


Somewhere in Connecticut
Jo-Aynne von Born

Somewhere in Connecticut
Somewhere in ConnecticutSomewhere in Connecticut
Kris Karis & Cyn Delafield


Bird of Ill Omen                      The Man Who Couldn't Dance
Joe Pintauro                           Jason Katims

Bird of Ill Omen
Bird of Ill Omen          The Man Who Couldn't DanceThe Man Who Couldn't Dance
Tom Murphy &                          Andrew Abel & Gina Pasquarello
Melanie Stallard


Lonley Impulse of Delight       Watermelon Boats
John Patrick Shanley               Wendy MacLaughlin

Lonley Impulse of Delight
             Watermelon BoatsWatermelon Boats
John Mulcahy &                            Leisha Dillard & Tinika Green
Tom Murphy


Rex                                                                                     Head On
Joe Pintauro                                                                    Elizabeth Dewberry

RexRex        Head On
Jennifer Safina & Andrew Abel                                       Kris Karis & Melanie Stallard

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