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2. Read Policy Statement.  Complete Name, Address, Phone Number Information.
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After payment and Policy Statement has been received, you will be contacted to complete enrollment.

Changes in Policy and Course Schedule:

The Acting School reserves the right to combine, add, delete or change courses in order to support that approach. The Acting School also reserves the right to make changes in faculty, school calendar and in any general or specific school/academic policies.

Short Class:
If at anytime during the duration of the workshop enrollment or attendance drops below class minimum [usually 4], AT THE DISCRETION OF THE INSTRUCTOR, the class maybe called short of the pre-designated time period [usually 3 hours], provided the class meets a minimum of 2/3 of the pre-designated time. [usually 2 hours] The student will not be compensated with either refund or credit.

Payment: [Applies to all payments made to The Acting School]
Payment may be made in the form of cash, money order, personal check, Paypal or checks drawn on credit cards. The student must be paid in full prior to attending classes. By using a check for payment you agree to the following terms: In the event your check is returned or dishonored for any reason, you authorize The Acting School of South Florida, Inc. to electronically (or by paper draft) re-present the check to your bank account for collection of the amount of the check, plus any applicable fees as permitted by state law (Up to 30.00)

Refund/Credit Policy:
A full refund will be made to the student should The Acting School cancel the workshop. A partial refund equaling the amount paid minus an administrative fee of a 15% or $100 [whichever is less] will be made, should the student withdraw from the program 72 hours prior to the start of the first meeting of the workshop. The student will receive a partial credit for the amount paid minus an administrative fee of a 15% or $100 [whichever is less] if withdrawing at least 24 hours prior to the start of the first meeting of the workshop. If the student does not notify The Acting School within the 24 hour period, the student will not receive credit nor refund. Students receiving credit may apply the credit to another workshop. The Acting School will not refund the difference, however The Acting School will re-credit the amount of the difference. The student will have 1 year to redeem the credit, after which time it will be considered void. In the extreme event that The Acting School ceases operation before which the student has redeemed the credit, The Acting School will make every effort to notify the student of the company’s closing and offer a final notice to redeem the credit.

All Weekend or One day special Seminars, Workshops and Master Classes require that payment in full be made 72 hours prior to the Workshop. Payments made through the use of PayPal Invoice, will follow the same policy as those paid by Cash, Check or Money Order.

Pay Ahead Credits and Custom Price Workshop payments:
To take advantage of The Acting School’s Multiple Discount offer, students may pay in advance of Workshops with a running credit account. The Acting School will keep a record of such payments and the student will receive a statement as credits are used. Custom Price Credits may be used ONLY FOR those workshops designated as "Custom Price Workshops". After payment of Pay Ahead or Custom price credits the student has 3 months to use the credits.




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