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I had an incredible experience with The Acting School of South Florida and I recommend the faculty and classes to any of my fellow actors who are in need of a fresh approach and want their work to be truthful and compelling.

The Acting School has a warm, caring, unpretentious environment and everyone makes the students feel like family. It has and continues to be one of the best experiences in my life.

The Acting School has not only helped me gain the knowledge that I need to act, but has also helped me as a person. These classes have provided the confidence that I need in order to proceed anything. All of the teachers, provide the experience and the education that an actor needs to be a professional actor.

It is wonderful to be in an environment where our teachers not only love teaching but love sharing their passion with us. It is very comforting to see that we are not alone feeling what we feel towards acting . . .
I am so thankful for everything you do for us. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Kelley Swindall 
[Former Conservatory Program student]


Libby Anderson 
[Conservatory Training  • Core Completion]


Andrea Sarango 
[Conservatory Training  • Core Completion]


Alicia Benwaïche 
Former Conservatory Program student]


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The Heritage of The Conservatory Training Program

The Conservatory Training Program, founded  in 1995 by Michael Gioia,
was initiated as an experimental curriculum at the South Florida Theatre Institute.

The curriculum was expanded in January of 1998 and established as
The Actors' Conservatory ~ Hollywood, Florida.

In November of 1998, the program became the cornerstone of The Acting Studio,
as the Conservatory Training Program, where it flourished until March of 2003.

Since May 2003, the Conservatory Training Program had once again been reorganized as the nucleus of The Acting School of South Florida.

The program was retired in the Summer of 2011.



The Legacy

Those who have completed Levels 1 & 2 of the Training Program Curriculum at  The Acting School of South Florida.

Josh Devlin, David Molina, Andrea Montoya, Tania Perez


Kyle Christopher Arendell, Angela Bryan, Ibrahim Chaudry, Frank Delano, Melissa Gonzalez, Crystal Lauren Hammel, Ina Jitari, Marc Katz, Kat Lane, Estee Levinson, Adam Mack, Rana Olk, Natalie Palau, Alexander Prendes, Adriana Scala, Aaliyah Shakir


Ali Abou- Daye, Eddy Acosta, Manuel Alvarez, Susana Brunner, Ludmila Dakova, Miguel Espada, Nayara Monteiro, Gerda Ovide, Federico Magnorsky, Cristina Melendez, Kelly O'Sullivan, Ricardo Rodriguez, Diedre Verland, Brandy Whitford

Michael Berger, Fiona C. Chavers, Raquel Burgos, Elizabeth Luz Felix, Kimberly Ann Jones, Julio Lourido, Erin Rodriguez 


Angela Bryan, Aron Bursky, Candace Caplin, Konstantinous A. Constant, Travis Edwards, Linda Ellis, Dory Espino, Emily Frias, Melissa McVan, Aki Miura, Renzo Rios, Dustin Sharpe, Mariana Silva, Giuliana Sordelli


Gui Almeida, Rachel Borkon, Troy Davidson, Casey Dressler, Geovannie Gomez, Vladimir Lazar, Josh Randall, Sharon Raye, Frank Rodriguez, Phoebe Schaubhut


Alfred Adderly, Andy Anderson, Libby Anderson, Marcio J. Conceicao, Vivi Gehr, Christy Rataczak, Andrea Sarango


Senka Grbovic Daniels, Virginie Duponchel, Maxx Maulion, Cesar de Carvalho, Andres de Oliveira, Danny Perez, Sascha Saballett, Stacey Spalding,
Nicole Stojanov, Alma Valentin, Doug Williford, Johanna Zambrano


The Acting School of South Florida
is proud to acknowledge those who have received the Certificate of Training.

2011 2010

Ina Jitari
Natalie Wolfe


Manuel Alvarez
Ibrahim Chaudry
Miguel Espada
Melissa Gonzalez
Marc Katz
Adam Mack
Nayara Monteiro
  Kelly O'Sullivan

2008 2007 2006 2005 2004

Aron Bursky
Candace Caplin
Linda Ellis

Rachel Borkon
Troy Davidson
Casey Dressler
Geovannie Gomez
Vladimir Lazar
Josh Randall
Sharon Raye
Frank Rodriguez
Phoebe Schaubhut


Marcio J. Conceicao

Cesar de Carvalho
Andres de Oliveira
Senka Grbovic Daniels
Virginie Duponchel
Max Maulion
Sascha Saballett
Stacey Spalding
Alma Valentin
Doug Williford

Sara Brockman
Amélie Couture
Staci Katz
Wendolynn Mateo
Jeannet Pierre
JoAnn Tiberio
Mellicent Wauters

2003* 2002* 2001* 2000* 1999*

Lovell Frank
Jolyn Haviland
Christopher Kauffmann
Charmayne McKenzie

Kathryn Bain
Giusepp Carrierro
Jill Helene Ernest
Suzanne Grant
Lina Marquez
John Ralph
Carol Reinoso

Haylee Elkayam
Jill Ernest
Imelda Holmes Wellington
Jacqueline Laggy
Adrienne Marie
Branko Markovic
John Mulcahy
Leisha Dillard
Chantal Mariani
Marcello Miranda

Andrew Abel
Cyn Delafield
Leisha Dillard
Tinika Green
Kris Karis
John Mulcahy
Tom Murphy
Gina Pasquarello
Jennifer Safina
Mellanie Stallard

Robert Alpert
Carol Antoine
Daniel Barr
Amanda Jean Clemens
Cookie Colletti
George Crolius
Pedro de Cárdenas
Leisha Darlene Dillard
Sandra Ives
Deborah Jeffrey
Chantal Mariani
Donald C. Odenkirk
Kumie Shriasaki Yaki

* Received Certificate from The Acting Studio.

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