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Programs and Curriculum

The Acting School's  Philosophy of Component Training offers the Actor an Adaptable Approach to learning Process and Technique.

Whether taken together or consecutively, these workshops allow the actor to explore a complete process in analysis, thought, behavior, action, truth and emotional commitment.

The Workshops are designed to be fun and rewarding no matter what your personal or professional aspirations happen to be.  These workshops are short term component based topics allowing for exploration and discovery.

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The teachers provide an open and welcome space where students learn the skills necessary and at the same time develop their own keen sense and style. The staff is very knowledgeable in the industry which gives us all the added advantage of not falling for schemes, as we all know there are a dime a dozen out there!!

Vivi Gehr 

The Acting School has provided me with the necessary training and background that is needed for a successful acting career. Without The Acting School, I would of had no training, and would not of been able to pursue my dreams. With skills such as scene work, cold reading, and improvisation, I feel confident that I can compete in a difficult business.

Maxx Maulion


I love the fact that the students are encouraged to read about different teachings such as; Stanislavski, Chekhov, Adler, Meisner, Shurtleff and others. Also, the talented and experienced group of instructors are very inspiring. We are encouraged to work hard to realize our dreams and I thank them for that.

Haylee Elkayam 


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